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The Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET) bring the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) and its signatory contractors together to address issues of importance to both. Working as a team, they secure projects and jobs, increase union-sector market share, advertise their services, develop a workforce and advance shared market-related interests. One of LiUNA’s three cooperative labor-management tri-funds, LECET is similar to a trade association.

It looks down the road, sees where the construction industry is going, then utilizes the resources of LiUNA and the Tri-Funds to position Laborers and their signatory contractors to make the most of the future. It works closely with leading industry organizations on issues of importance to the entire industry such as transportation funding, market-related legislation, marketing strategies, and workforce development. LECET consists of one national office, located in Washington, DC, and a network of 31 regional, state, and local funds. Chicago Area LECET covers the 9-counties of northeastern Illinois.


Affiliated Locals

Chicago Area LECET is affiliated with the 12 Laborers' Local Unions under the Chicago Laborers' District Council and covers the 9 northeasternmost counties in Illinois. Click here for contact information to all Locals.

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Affiliated Contractor Associations

Our employers side consists of 14 construction industry associations, each representing a different market sector or geographical territory within our 9-county jurisdiction. Click here for contact information to all contractor associations.

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