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Safety Incentive Program


The benefits of a safety-focused workforce are priceless, which is why Chicago Area LECET is deeply committed to helping make the construction industry as safe as possible for Laborers and all construction workers.

Our Safety Incentive Program (SIP) is our own unique way to contribute to the safety culture on union job sites. The key word there is INCENTIVE…quite simply we reward qualifying laborers with amazing prizes for staying safe on the job.

You can view the details of exactly how the program works here, but here are some other details you might find interesting…

Since the inception of the program in 2002,

LECET has given away:

That’s right. We give away a $25,000+ truck every single year to a Laborer.

That’s what we call incentive.

Laborers: The most important thing you can do to win these awards is to STAY SAFE. If you lose time on the job due to an accident, you are not eligible for the awards.

Contractors: If you want your Laborers to win these awards, please participate in our program by nominating them when you are notified by LECET! It’s the only way they can become eligible to be chosen.

Check out the 1st Quarter 2020 Winners here!

And the 2019 4th Quarter Winners here…

…2019 3rd Quarter Winners…

…2019 2nd Quarter Winners…

…And the 2019 1st Quarter Winners!

All of the Laborers named in the files above (and many before them in previous years) received a $250 gift card and various other LECET promo items!



A few happy SIP Quarterly Award Winners…




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