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Responsible Bidding Ordinances

A Responsible Bidder Ordinance (RBO) simply outlines a set of criteria that a contractor bidding to work on a public construction project must meet in order to be awarded the contract. Most public bodies have a policy to award all construction work to the lowest bidder, or the lowest responsible bidder, but few define what it means to be considered responsible. An RBO provides a clear definition.

“Responsible Bidding ensures public dollars go to contractors, union and non-union, that adhere to a set of accountability measures and bring well-trained employees to the job.” – Illinois State Senator Terry Link

A quick overview of the criteria in a comprehensive RBO is as follows:

  1. Comply with all laws prerequisite to doing business in Illinois
  2. Produce Evidence of a Federal Employer tax ID number or social security number
  3. Provide evidence of compliance with Equal Opportunity Employer requirements
  4. Provide evidence of all specified insurance coverages
  5. Comply with all provisions of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act
  6. Participate in a USDOL approved and registered apprenticeship program
  7. Comply with any other additional requirements a community may find beneficial

Here is a sample Ordinance that could be something any taxing body in Illinois could adopt to protect itself and its taxpayers from bad contractors: Download Sample

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